Philip Marsden in conversation with Hadrian Pigott

  • CAST (Cornubian Arts and Science Trust)
  • November 22
  • 18:00 - 21:00
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Award-winning author and travel writer, Philip Marsden, and artist Hadrian Pigott will visit CAST to discuss the pleasures and rigours of single-handed sailing and the need to explore both real and imaginary places.

Philip Marsden’s new book, ‘The Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination’ traces his journey from Cornwall to the small group of Scottish islands in the Inner Hebrides known as the Summer Isles. Marsden sailed single-handed up the west coast of Ireland, in his wooden sloop Tsambika, hopping from island to island and exploring the ruins of villages and religious sites. His new book celebrates the harsh beauty of Europe’s Atlantic seaboard, and the power it has always had to stimulate the imagination.

Hadrian Pigott, who is also a keen sailor, is an artist based in Penzance. His first career was a geologist and he also worked on oil rigs before studying at the Royal College of Art.

CAST Café supper available from 6pm, something hot and something sweet from £7.50. The talk will begin at 7pm.