Poetry reading with Los Angeles Poet Laureate Lynne Thompson

  • The Feminist Library
  • May 10
  • 19:00 - 19:00
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Join us for an enchanting evening in the company of Los Angeles Poet Laureate Lynne Thompson!
Lynne will grace us with readings from her latest masterpiece, Blue On A Blue Palette.

But that’s not all! Prepare to be enlightened as Lynne engages in a captivating conversation with esteemed Cultural Producer, Nana Opoku. Together, they will delve into Lynne’s career, exploring the inspirations behind her evocative poetry and the journey that led to her latest literary triumph.

As the daughter of Caribbean immigrants, Lynne brings a unique perspective to her poetry, weaving together threads of heritage, identity, and the human experience. Her accolades, including being honored as the 4th Poet Laureate for the City of Los Angeles and receiving prestigious literary awards and fellowships, attest to the profound impact of her work.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of poetry and engage with one of the most revered voices in contemporary literature. Join us for an unforgettable evening of artistry, insight, and inspiration with Lynne Thompson.