S&Co Scriptwriting ‘Toolkit’ course

  • Online
  • February 8 - July 12
  • 19:00 - 22:00
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Write a play or screenplay in six months!


Price for six 3-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings: £240

Want to write a pilot or a feature? A one-act audio or stage play, or a full-length theatrical piece? Perhaps you’d like to enter competitions, but don’t feel ready to submit. Maybe you need a spec script to send to potential agents or producers.

It’s tough without support, but save yourself the price of a Scriptwriting or Screenwriting Master’s. Whether you’re an experienced scriptwriter or writing your first piece, this ‘Toolkit’ course is for you. It will help you to write an entire script from scratch – and at a fraction of the cost.

Each monthly event will start with tuition and a whole-group discussion. S&Co leaders Zanna Cardash and Alex Hollister will ensure you learn craft – and develop a professional toolkit of skills – as your play or screenplay takes shape. No matter if it’s only in your head or you’ve already started writing. They’ll guide you to make it the best it can be, via a mixture of tutorials and group workshops. There are 18 hours of tutoring and workshops, plus homework.

You can’t drop in and out. It’s a six-month course, at the end of which (subject to your commitment and attendance) you should have written a complete piece. You’re also likely to have formed a cohesive bond with your group’s other members, which means you can continue to support one another, long after the course is finished.

Each month, there will be manageable deadlines. On the Friday before each session, you’ll send your work to other people in your group to read and prepare notes, while you’ll read theirs and make notes for them. This means that, in the week before each session, you’ll need to factor in time to read and make notes on scripts submitted by your group (generally 3-4 writers per long-form group; 3-6 writers for those writing shorter pieces, to ensure you’re not overloaded).

You’ll need to submit a sample scene in January, before the course starts, but it’s not competitive. This simply helps the course leaders to assess your current skills and place you with people at a similar stage of their scriptwriting journey. Additionally, they’ll want to know which type of script you’ll write: stage/audio play or screenplay. This ensures you’ll find yourself in a group where everyone’s writing a script of a similar length and for the same medium, so you’ll all gain maximum personal benefit.

There are more details about the six monthly modules on Scriptwriters & Co’s website.