SO:Write Women

  • Online
  • December 18
  • 10:00 - 12:00
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Novelist Natalie Young leads this supportive group for women to develop skills and confidence in Creative Writing, inspiring new writing through workshop prompts, reading choices, and life experiences. This is what others have said about the sessions:

I have begun to write regularly. I have found myself becoming more observant, noting down thoughts and ideas for stories and simply enjoying the process of following my imagination.

I could never have believed, when I joined the group a year or so ago, that I would have the confidence to write a story and read it aloud within a group. But, to my amazement, I did both at the first session I attended and have continued to do so.

Being part of the group has taught me that it’s possible to write freely, without inhibition or self-judgement, and that sharing that writing is part of what helps the group to work. I look forward to the sessions and have enjoyed each one, even when my confidence has been at a low ebb.

I have begun, tentatively, to think of myself as writer, and to realise that the writer’s voice I had as a child, though small and fragile, is still there and is worth listening to. I feel I have gained something, too, as an editor. I have always been respectful of, and empathetic towards, writers whose work I have edited, but I think I have gained a deeper understanding of the creative processes – and anxieties – involved in writing.