Story Structure 101 with WriteClub

  • WriteClub online
  • February 12
  • 10:00 - 14:00
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A half-day online masterclass to help you get your head around narrative structure. Learn to shape your stories so you can craft fantastic fiction without losing the plot.

You’ll explore:
* Narrative structure – what it is and why you need it
* Examples of story structure in literature
* the Three Act structure – what it is and how you can use it
* the Hero’s Journey – what are the main stages, identifying them in literature, applying them to your own work
* a brilliant and simple story spine structure that will help you to produce new work easily.

Great for:
* anyone new to writing stories, novels or memoir who wants to give their work some shape
* writers with a completed first draft or work in progress that needs nudging into a more coherent narrative structure
* anyone who has an idea for a story, novel or memoir but doesn’t quite know how to make it work
* writers who struggle with plotting (aka pantsers!)

* Slides from the workshop will be sent out after the session.
* Chance to share details with writers you meet on the day.
* Priority booking for Write Your Novel and Your Story courses.

Your investment: £45