The Monday Night Write – with WriteClub

  • WriteClub online
  • December 6
  • 19:00 - 20:30
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Basically, it’s magic! Seriously. Log into the WriteClub Zoom Room at 7pm [GMT] any Monday until December 6th. Declare your goals in the chat and then leave your camera on, get your head down and write.

It sounds simple, but trust me, there’s something really powerful about the whole business of writing with other people.

You’re likely to be:
* more focused
* more creative
* more inspired
* more productive.

Come and give it a whirl for yourself!

Plus, from 8:05pm there’s an (optional) chance to stay on the call and share your words with a supportive and appreciative audience. Read your work aloud and we’ll tell you what we’ve loved about your writing. We’ll welcome your work into the world the way we would anything new – with celebration, kindness and love.

What better way to spend a Monday night?

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