The Wounded King

  • The Plough@StAnne’s Barnstaple
  • October 16
  • 19:30 - 22:00
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Three storytellers piece together fragments of Arthurian legend that reflect the times we are living through now and leave vital questions in the air.

Lisa Schneidau tells Healing the Wasteland. A fool is fated to discover a great truth. He’s on the right track, when the land around him is dying. But does he even know the right question to ask?

Katy Cawkwell tells Arthur and Mordred. He’s slept with his sister. He can’t trust his son. The fake news is getting out of control. Cracks in the kingdom are widening and things are falling apart…

Ronnie Conboy tells The King Under The Hill. Somewhere underfoot, in the quiet dark, sleeps the hope of a nation. A young man walks a lonely road with an unexpected friend. Maybe there’s no such thing as magic: it’s just knowing where to look.

Lisa, Katy and Ronnie are three performance storytellers living in the south-west, with roots that stretch across the islands of Britain. They have told tales in pubs and clubs, at international festivals and wild firesides, inside burial chambers and on Dartmoor tors. This is their first collaboration.

Aimed at adults, not suitable for under 12s

“It felt like such a generous offering – to bring us these ancient tales with so much compassion for our current state. A deeply healing evening in the midst of all the grief, destruction, subterfuge AND courage of our times.”

“It was a wonderful show – weaving in all the best stories, Malory, well-chosen snippets from Tennyson… loved it.” “A very special evening” audience response