‘This Fruiting Body’ Floating Launch + Silent Eco Disco

  • Flower of Bristol
  • October 17
  • 13:30 - 17:30
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We welcome you aboard the ‘Fruiting Boaty’: a three-hour river cruise on the Flower of Bristol trip boat, to launch Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin’s debut poetry collection, ‘This Fruiting Body’. Sunday 17th October, 2-5pm.

The book plunges us into octopus raves and Sega Megadrive oceans, in the company of Saab hermit crabs. These adventurous poems delight in human and nonhuman intimacies, teem with life, ponder bug sex and put masculinities under the microscope.

With guest readers Samantha Walton and Jack Young, we willl queerly and dearly invoke drag-mother nature. After the readings, we will head out on the river for a silent eco-disco, with a carefully curated playlist from the Beatles’ Blackbird, to Cerrone’s ‘Supernature’ and everything inbetween, sailing back into the harbour to singalong classics.

“Generous, monstrous and inspiring.” – John McCullough, author ‘Reckless Paper Birds’