Translation! Festival 2019: Languages in Motion

  • Exeter Phoenix
  • September 27
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Translation! Festival 2019: Languages in Motion is a celebration of languages and cultures that will take place throughout the day on Friday 27th September at Exeter Central Library, Exeter Phoenix, and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

A range of thought-provoking, exciting and interactive events will celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of languages and cultures, and give the public a chance to discover the many innovative ways of translating between them… the written word and beyond!

There will be a range of talks, workshops and sessions to suit all ages and interests, run by local and international experts:

you can find out how translation intertwines with politics, identity, food and migration, and hear what the experts have to say about untranslatability in our Discover Translation talks. Help bring a French and an Italian graphic novel alive in English with the Spectacular Translation Machine, or take in an exhibition of Italian-born Barcelona-based Valeria Brancaforte’s artwork and get a chance to talk to the artist! Have a go at translating media in our Transcreation workshop with professional translators, or try your hand at translating across media in our Women Beyond Words workshop to find out how individuals respond to various interpretations of women’s work! Find out the key to translating with ITI South-West led workshop, translate with the Professionals and participate in our What Makes a Good Translation discussion with literary translators Andrea Reece and Daniel Hahn. Enjoy unique performances that combine translation with poetry, music, storytelling and humour and a selection of film screenings with a Q&A with El mundo sigue’s subtitlers.

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