Using Real Events and People in Your Fiction

  • Online
  • September 2
  • 18:30 - 20:30
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Learn how to weave autobiography into fiction in this 2-hour workshop with author & co-founder of Imagine Creative Writing Alison Knight.
About this event
We’re told: “Write what you know.” Non-fiction writers are expected to be experts in their subjects and to represent the truth. Fiction writers have more scope to take events and people and to weave a story around them. Author Alison Knight has written a novel based on what happened to her family when she was a child in the 1960s. She will lead a workshop looking at how you can use real events and people in your fiction.

Alison’s two-hour Zoom workshop will include:
Examples of how writers have used real events and people in their fiction
Exploring how you can gain inspiration from your life and family history, and feel more confident about this kind of writing
Writing exercises to spark ideas and help participants to focus on things such as point of view and tense.
Consideration of the ethical issues surrounding the use of real people and events.
Equip you with the tools/skills to use in planning content, structure and writing of your stories.
About Alison Knight
Alison Knight is the author of six novels across three genres and is currently published by Darkstroke Books. She has a first-class degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and an MA in the same subject from Oxford Brookes University. She taught creative and life writing at Wiltshire College for three years and is co-founder of Imagine Creative Writing alongside popular NWS tutor, Jenny Kane, running courses and writing retreats. She also works as a freelance editor. She lives in Somerset, within sight of Glastonbury Tor.