Writing Seas & Trees with Wyl Menmuir

  • September 9
  • 16:00 - 16:00
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9th – 14th September 2024

Embark on a transformative writing retreat with author Wyl Menmuir as we explore the enchanting world of the woodland and its profound connection to our creative spirits. This immersive experience invites you to unravel the magic of nature intertwined with the art of storytelling.

In a nurturing setting, Wyl Menmuir will share his insights while discussing his work, The Heart of The Woods, the companion to his award-winning book, The Draw of The Sea. The discussion will delve into the enriching aspects of time spent around trees, the evolving dynamics of our relationship with them, and the profound interconnectedness shaping our shared future.

Set within a private woodland with a fogou and stream, the retreat draws inspiration from vibrant greenery and surrounding sounds. Through collaboration, we’ll explore how the natural world influences writing, providing fresh perspectives and novel insights.

Tailored for writers at all stages, this retreat is inspired by the contradictions and consolations of the woodland and the sea. Through collaborative exercises he will help you to craft your own stories inspired by these beautiful settings, whether you want to write short stories, a novel, or works of non fiction.

Whether you’re seeking to reconnect with your creative spirit, explore new perspectives, or refine your craft, this retreat provides a unique opportunity to commune with like-minded individuals and unlock untold stories within the heart of the woods. Like Wyl’s book, this retreat “will delight anyone who enjoys walking among the trees, and anyone who, when lost, has found themselves again in the woods.”