Writing Stillness with Sarah Mooney

  • Online
  • January 26
  • 19:00 - 21:00
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Writing in the new year?
Come and explore the benefits of creative raw writing. With storytelling, creative writing exercises and visualisations and prompts we will explore our inner landscape. This can help nurture our creative practice, see things differently, and embolden our self-expression. All you need is a pad and pen and a desire to write. This workshop is themed around stillness, and deep listening to bring out the quiet inner
voices – finding new ways to express ourselves and look to the new year ahead.

About Sarah Mooney
Sarah is an award-winning storyteller for 25 years. She has toured nationally and internationally.
She has been telling stories with Whispering Wood Folk, an outdoor theatre and circus group, as well as creating my own work and recording many stories. In 2015, She sailed across the Atlantic with an all-female crew as part of  the expedition, creating stories that connect us to the sea. Sarah is the eleventh chaired  Bard of Glastonbury She also walks a shamanic healing path and mush of her work is inspired by this theme. Sarah run year long ‘Wolves’ groups based on my training with Clarissa Pinkhola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves