Baltic literature has been a market focus at trade fairs this year and here at Literature Works we think it’s really important for young readers to experience and engage with literature from a wide range of cultural and geographical backgrounds.

That’s why we were delighted when our friends The Emma Press asked us to review Queen of Seagulls by Ruta Briede and The Book of Clouds by Juris Kronbergs. Both books are supported by Latvian Writers’ Union (Latvijas Rakstnieku Savienība) and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

Queen of Seagulls

Queen of Seagulls

The first thing that strikes you upon reading is the alluring and enchanting illustrations. Their charming presentation lead the reader into a mysterious, complex and illuminating story.

Queen of Seagulls is an important story about what happens when we forget who we are. It is a story about being misunderstood and not understanding yourself. A great opener to conversations about identity and belonging and the importance of empathy.

A story which explores the notion of rediscovery delivered through engaging prose leading to a compelling ending. We thoroughly recommend this book – great to share with your young readers this summer.

The Queen of Seagulls is out now.

book of clouds

The Book of Clouds

We’re always looking to promote new and interesting ways for young readers to discover the world around them. With the school holidays on the approach, there’s bound to be a day or two when the clouds interfere with a beach-day plan.

What better way to explore the world of clouds – a somewhat mysterious and fascinating world in the sky above, just waiting to be discovered.

The delightful book explores its subject in a new and interesting way. Presented as an illustrated book of poetry, this collection is sure to inspire young readers (and writers) to think creatively about the natural world. Taking by turns, a humorous and fact based approach, this poems are excellently well crafted and present the many natures of clouds.

A wonderful way into natural geography, thoughts about the weather and a great source of inspiration for those Autumn term weather poems – we thoroughly recommend checking out this brilliant collection.

The Book of Clouds is available now.