Devon author Kate Vane’s new novel focuses on hate crime on social media. In Still You Sleep, a young woman with a learning disability is found dead, and her death becomes the subject of social media trolling.

Kate said, “The investigation focuses on whether the trolls are connected directly to her murder, or whether they are just exploiting her death for their own reasons. Like many people, I’ve become increasingly dismayed by social media trolling and wanted to explore the different reasons why people do it, from resentment, to conviction, to just wanting to join in a pile-on.”

Still You Sleep is Kate’s fifth novel and the first in a new series featuring journalists Tilda Green and Freddie Stone.

Kate said: “They are very different characters, each with their own priorities. Tilda is an online activist, driven by her convictions, while Freddie is an old-school crime reporter, who has spent years cultivating contacts in the police. Their skills are complementary but there’s also plenty of scope for conflict between them!”

Still You Sleep was published on 18th February in Kindle and paperback.