Here at Literature Works, we love work which crosses art forms, exploring new connections between literature and performance and how this impacts reader and audience experience.

We were therefore pleased to receive a copy of Feathers of Wind, a collaborative effort by poet Chris Tutton and poet and harpist, Julie Darling.

This new CD of poetry and harp recordings contains thirteen intriguing and mesmerising accompanied poems which prove the power and impact of collaboration between literature, spoken word and music.

We have read and reviewed previous collections of Tutton’s work as well as seen him perform for an audience at Plymouth Festival of Words and know that his poetry is a combination of profound insight, wit and emotionally astute verse and this is something which is only strengthened by Darling’s accompaniment. Themselves, containing an emotional and at times haunting quality, the additions of the harp to these poems serve to embed them in the memory, making them long after the CD ends.

A startling achievement, this is collaborative practice at its best and another example of why multi-disciplinary approaches to literary forms can open them up to new audiences.

Feathers of Wind is available now, from Martha’s Catch records released via Avalanche Books.