In this time of lockdown, we’ve found our love of all things books and reading really sustaining. Opening a book, you lose yourself and embark on a journey. When days pass with little to distinguish one from the next, progressing through a novel, a collection of short stories or a collection of poems is a wonderful escape into the imagined world on the page.

We started lockdown by sharing our reading recommendations – old favourites we were returning to and books on our ‘to read’ list. Now we’re looking for what’s new and that’s where you come in.

Our Annual Fund second round for 2020 opened for applications on 29th June and you have until 7th November 2020 to get yours in. The Literature Works Annual Fund offers seed-funding support for community-based literature projects of up to £500. This year, we’re particularly interested in your ideas and innovations with a reader development focus. Whether you’ve been working on a new idea for readers in lockdown or are looking at how to bring people back in person later in the year, we want to hear from you. Applications are also welcome from projects that meet the Annual Fund criteria and have a more general literature focus.

We are developing the Annual Fund to offer ongoing support to projects beyond the essential seed funding. Through our recently-launched bookable Literature Works advice sessions, we can advise, connect and support new initiatives to grow. This is work that we conduct all the time in an informal way, but formalising it and creating bookable sessions during lockdown has proved to be very popular. We generally offer advice according to a set of topics: networks – connecting you to helpful people and projects; project management; evaluation, metrics and impact; audience development; social media and web presence. Look out for these sessions on our website or, for further information, please email with the subject line ‘Literature Works advice session’. We look forward to speaking to you.

For details of how to apply to the Literature Works Annual Fund, click here.