The Escape Issue

Popshot magazine  are asking for submissions of poetry, flash and short stories on the theme of escape.

The next issue will be about escape in all its forms, from disappearing to warmer climates to escaping terrifying, difficult or mundane situations. If you’ve written about fleeing real life to find meaning or release, escaping from a bad relationship, family expectations, emotions or from a prison that is real or metaphorical, Popshot would like to read it.

Writers might want to think about themes around running away, absconding (from the law or something less tangible?), and breaking out from confinement or control of any kind. Successful submissions must display excellent writing, creative flair and originality. They are looking for a mixture of humour, social commentary, honesty and thrilling storytelling,  all genres welcome.

Submissions for the Summer issue are open until 9am GMT on Monday, 4th March 2019.

The Escape Issue will be published in May 2019.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Poems: 12 to 40 lines
  • Short stories: 1,000 to 3,000 words
  • Flash fiction: 100 to 1,000 words

Three entries maximum. Entries over the word count will not be considered.

For further essential information, including full submission guidelines please visit the Popshot magazine website