BBC Radio 4 has commissioned Sweet Talk Productions to make three 15-minute radio programmes showcasing the work of writers between the ages of 16 and 21.

These are currently scheduled for broadcast on Fridays 8th, 15thand 22nd October 2021. Sweet Talk Productions are looking for original short stories of either: a) 450-550 words or b) 900-1100 words. Please ensure that your submission conforms to one or other of these categories. (This will make it easier to fit multiple stories into each programme.)

Initially submissions will be divided into Group A (For ages 16-18) and Group B (Ages 19-21).

Please read and follow carefully the submission guidelines below.

This is a ‘call for submissions’, not a formal writing competition. By which they mean they will be looking to pick and combine stories from a range of ages they think will make varied and entertaining radio.

Each broadcast story will be read by a single reader, but beyond that, please don’t overthink the ‘radio’ part.

Storytelling is what they’re after, written as well as you can.

As to what story you tell… you decide!

Good luck!

Sweet Talk Productions are already accepting stories but the closing date for entries is Monday 21 June 2021. Please email your submission to

Submission Guidelines
1. Eligibility:
You are eligible to submit if you are between the ages16 and 21 on 31 August 2021. Your age on that date will determine whether you should submit to Group A (16-18) or Group B (19-21).
This is a series for new voices, i.e. for writers who have neither previously published a book or stand-alone publication nor had their work broadcast on national radio. Please do not submit a story that has previously appeared online or in print, or has been recorded/filmed for YouTube, Soundcloud or similar platforms.
2. Only submit one story, please.
3. Your story should be between 450-550 words or 900-1100 words in length.
4. Please put your full contact details (name, post and email address, phone number) and a word count on the title page of your story, indicating whether you are submitting for Group A or Group B. Please don’t put your name in the ‘body’ of the story.
5. The BBC will have exclusivity on stories scheduled for transmission until first broadcast, after which print copyright reverts to the writer.
6. They cannot offer feedback on your work or enter into correspondence about your entry.
7. They reserve the right to amend their guidelines as deemed necessary or where circumstances are beyond their control. They will post any changes on the Sweet Talk Productions website and by email where possible/if appropriate.
8. They aim to have made our final decisions by 31 August 2021.

Further essential information can be found on the Sweet Talk Productions website.