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About the Author

Mike Williams researches and has been published in two very different genres –
1. Non-fiction in the fields of the psychology and practice of leadership
2. Historical fiction focusing on Naval/Military Intelligence, counter- intelligence and covert operations
Relevant to my writing, I hold an MSc in Social Sciences from Aston University and served full-time and as a volunteer reservist in Naval Intelligence (Russian linguist) and with the Royal Marines (SBS and Commando – commissioned)
Passionate interests which strongly influence my writing are historical context and perspective, open- mindedness and exploratory learning.

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Recent Publications

The Secret Channel , Thorogood Publishing , 2008
The Channel of Invasion , Thorogood Publishing , 2009
The Channel to Freedom , Thorogood Publishing , 2013
Leadership for Leaders , Thorogood Management Books , 2005
Mastering Leadership , Thorogood Management Books , 2006

Current Events/Projects

The. Judas Trap (Cold War espionage)
1917: Wings of War (World War One counter-intelligence operations)
In Treachery's Shadow. (English Civil War espionage)

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