The Mo Siewcharran Prize 2024

12th February 2024

Hachette UK’s The Future Bookshelf is running the Mo Siewcharran Prize for its fifth year to help discover unpublished fiction writers from Black, Asian, mixed heritage and minority ethnic backgrounds.

For 2024, the prize will be hosted by Hodderscape, an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton, and they are looking for fiction writing in the fantasy genre.

Entrants must be unagented and previously unpublished, aged 18 or over, resident in the UK and from a Black, Asian, mixed heritage or Minority Ethnic background. Entry requirements are a synopsis of the plot of the novel of up to 700 words and no more than 10,000 words from the start of the book.

The deadline for submissions is 1st May 2024 and full dates and details can be found here.