One of the first UK magazines for children’s writers has been published online by writing service WriteMentor.

Award-winning author Patrice Lawrence has penned an exclusive feature for the launch magazine.

The issue also includes articles from and interviews with authors Katharine Corr and Elizabeth Corr, Clare Helen Welsh, Emma Read and Aisha Bushby, as well as literary agent Alice Sutherland-Hawes of Madeleine Milburn.

Supported by Arts Council England, WriteMentor is a developmental service for writers of children’s fiction, from Picture Book to Young Adult. It started in 2018 as a free summer mentoring programme, pairing published and unpublished writers.

Due to its success, WriteMentor has since expanded, running online courses, a summer conference, and its newly-launched Writing Weekends. The latter include professional workshops run by leading authors and literary agents, with the primary aim to bring opportunities to writers outside of London.

WriteMentor Magazine Chief Editor, Florianne Humphrey had this to say: “WriteMentor is a mutual support system, bringing together a diverse community of writers who share their advice and experiences with others. With this magazine, we want to build on these values of support, community and diversity.”

WriteMentor Founder, Stuart White said: “WriteMentor was set up with one purpose: for writers to help other writers improve.  I hope that what I’ve created has benefitted a large number of writers. I’m always looking to innovate, change, and improve.”

Find out more on their website, here.