I am an ‘activist writer’. I write political articles from a radically left wing, ‘social anarchist’ perspective. I also write poetry and short fiction, from perspectives of encouraging an activist mindset in my readers. The climate and ecological crisis is a big concern of mine; of all of ours. A flash fiction piece on this subject, ‘Starfish’ was recently shortlisted for the Periscope Literary Prize. Digital copies on request. Pen-name Azoulay. Legal name Lepley. I am a writing mentor with the Bridging Literary Divides project. I am also on LinkedIn (Matthew Lepley) as a content writer and editor for businesses and NGOs, just to make ends meet. Seeking to eventually abandon any work related to the business world, in favour of serving activism and literature. I also run the YouTube channel Epic Tomorrows. I am interested to interview other ‘activist writers’ for my channel. Please contact me if interested!!