The confidence to add the descriptors of poet and writer to my identities is a new experience for me, even though regular writing has been part of my life over the past 40-ish years. Over the past 2 years, I have had the joy of seeing some poems accepted by on-line poetry journals, as well as in print in Lyrically Justified Vol 3. Contributing to some local (Bristol) Spoken Word events has come from this, too. My memoir of life in Saudi Arabia was published in 2012 by Tangent Books: The Colours of Sand. My main catalysts to write: motherhood, Buddhist faith, living as a Sri Lankan and woman of colour in England, equalities’ activism (particularly around ethnicity and gender). I reach for opportunities to learn and improve- through workshops, hearing other writers, playing with different styles (e.g. haiku, ghazal). I involve ‘words for wellbeing’ sessions as often as possible in my paid work- in the field of health inequalities affecting People of Colour/ communities that are visible minorities in England.