As well as people, life and living I’ve always loved books and the written word. Having enjoyed a 30-year career in Finance then graduating as a mature student in Sociology and Social Policy, my social conscience became stronger than ever with a real drive to bring beneficial changes to people’s lives. I returned back to the UK in 2007. Always with a want to help others I volunteered at the local city farm as well as the Samaritans. All has changed once more with a recent move to Devon. A place I feel I can finally settle.
After I submitted my first three chapters to Hay House in 2017, their feedback led me to shift my writing from an academic focus towards a self-help format. I am also a people person, which for me isn’t conducive to being a disciplined writer and I easily get distracted. I’ve recently joined the Totnes Writers Group, which is lovely and I’m hoping that registering here will help me focus.My wish is to connect with another writer of non-fiction who would be up for mentoring a… somewhat wayward newcomer to the writing profession.