I live in Cornwall with four cats, two dogs, a recently adopted Giant African Land Snail, and a brain tumour whom I have named ‘The Bean’. Having undergone a craniotomy at the end of June 2022 to remove The Bean’s larger brother ‘Howard’, I now have the time to write. Although this can often be hampered, some might say improved, by the occasional seizure or bouts of fatigue that can hit at any time – writing suits the new needs of my brain.
Although originally from South Yorkshire, I’ve lived in Cornwall for 18 years, but still maintain my northern working-class persona – albeit politely in public. I am currently writing a novel in part fulfilment of a PhD at Swansea University. I also write short stories in various genres and styles, the occasional nonsense poetry, and stories for my grandchildren. My superpower? The ability to waffle on endlessly about whatever subject jumps into my mind. I am also fabulous at going off on a tangent … or two.