Over the past couple of years, I have written and illustrated 3 Children’s books aimed at the Pre-School age group: The Advanced ABC, The Octopus in My Wardrobe and Number Monsters. This year I am getting the books into more shops (currently they are only in three venues, Amazon and my online shop) and learning how to market both them and the educational drama workshops I want to do, based on the books. I have also written the first book in a 12+ trilogy called: “The Slipvert Trilogy”, Book 1 After the Apocalypse, for which I would ideally like to find an agent and publisher.  I worked with Magical Moments 2019 (the 60th anniversary of North Cornwall as an area of outstanding natural beauty) to bring “Poetry Explosion!” to life: people participated in a competition to win signed copies of the illustrated book. If the idea they suggested inspired me to write a poem, they won and their poem was be written and illustrated in the book.