Born at an early age, Dan Metcalf always loved writing and was the kid who would stay in at breaktime at school ON PURPOSE to finish the story he was writing. A self-confessed Professional Daydreamer, Dan has worked in bookshops, supermarkets, bars, but mostly libraries.
He has written for radio, screen and magazines but is best known as the author of ‘The Lottie Lipton Adventures’ and ‘Dino Wars’. He is a full time writer and his biggest ambition is write a major children’s adventure series and create a superhero comic.

Recent Publications
  • The Trials of Terror (Dino Wars 2) - Maverick Arts Publishing, 28/09/18
  • Rise of the Raptors (Dino Wars 1) - Maverick Arts Publishing, 28/03/18
  • Codebusters - Bloomsbury Education, 2017
  • The Lottie Lipton Adventures - Bloomsbury Education, 2015-16