My venture into writing was not consciously planned. During April 2005, I joined five of my sisters on a visit to Australia where our seventh sister has lived for many years. Our expectations of this Trip of A Lifetime turned out to be very different. For the first time since childhood, we were again living together. Jetlag, cramped accommodation and seven very different personalities, led to several bizarre happenings. A journal was kept on these day to day happenings, encapsulating the humorous shenanigans of sibling rivalry and resistance to a pecking order that had subconsciously survived the decades. When I returned to England, this journal was the basis for my first book, SEVEN SISTERS DOWN UNDER. From then on I was hooked!
A Trilogy of psychological thrillers soon followed.
My next book, MEMENTO MORI, an intriguing stand-alone thriller that spanned three centuries, was set in the ancient village of Cockington, a place close to my heart.
In 2016 I began a series of GRITTY RHYMING TALES for children age 6-9yrs. The first 4 of the above are published.
My latest book, FEATHER ON THE BREEZE, is autobiographical. Not quite ready for publication.