Valerie French is a freelance writer who trained as a journalist in Vancouver. She has worked as a reporter on Vancouver Island, edited a magazine for the RNLI, written a documentary for CBC radio in Canada and her work has been published in The Guardian and the Vancouver Sun.

She cites joining a group of parkour fanatics on a jam in Vancouver as one of the highlights of her career, along with interviewing Bear Grylls for the RNLI.

Having recently ventured into creative writing she has had some success with a radio drama about a violinist coming to terms with suffering a stroke. This first shot at radio drama was placed in the top 15 percent of submissions to Writers’ Room in 2018. A piece on her experience of internet dating achieved third prize in the Writing Without Restrictions category of The Yeovil Literary Competition.

Currently she writes web pages, articles and podcast scripts for a range of clients.