HI, I am working on writing a novel good enough to persuade an agent to take me on and then to do the work necessary to see the novel published. My work has murder in it as that will help it sell but far more interesting for me is character, plot, pace and the strength of storytelling. I am early retired which enables me to focus upon my writing goals.
I have had short stories and poetry published previously and still write these, but my focus is upon my novel.
I have had agent interest but not quite yet completed a deal, my current work in progress then is going to be the one that does this for me. I will do whatever work is necessary to make this so.
If anyone reads this, shares my goal, is serious at the work involved, I would be happy to network for peer support, to share work in progress for peer review. DM me at @MikeyboyWriter on Twitter to introduce yourself and we go can from there.
I am North Devon based if any serious writers out there wish to set up a group but wider fields are doable now with zoom.
If like me, the astronomical fees on the established novel-writing courses are beyond your means, this is an alternative way.