Trans Is Beautiful by Mimi Jones

20th November 2023

A new piece from Plymouth Young City Laureate Mimi Jones for Trans Day of Remembrance. Co-written with contributions from the community in workshops and online.

Trans Is Beautiful

Trans is true – It’s being the person you know you were destined to be.
Trans is loving – It’s being loved.
Trans Is rebellious – It’s your very existence being a crime in far too many places.
Trans in non-conformist – Because what even is conformity these days?
Trans is superhuman – It’s having to be strong with people trying to tear you down daily.
Trans is new life – It’s true life, truly living.
Trans is magical – It’s shapeshifters and spirits.
Trans is queering the norm – What even is normal, anyway?
Trans is whatever makes you feel comfortable in your skin – It’s make-up and false lashes, and bare face and cropped hair.

Trans is exhausting – It’s every waking moment spent with guard up.
Trans is scary – It’s hate crimes and murders.
Trans is confusing – It’s reflection and imagination not aligning.
Trans is painful – It’s seven year waiting lists and rejections from GP’s.
Trans is not knowing – It’s fighting for yourself regardless.
Trans is hurt – It’s the end of friendships and rough sleeping at sixteen.
Trans is blood – It’s friends joining a growing list of statistics.

Trans is me – It’s you. It’s a community of beings.
Trans is not a lifestyle – It’s a way for life. It’s preventing death.
Trans is history – It’s future.
Trans is existence – It’s evolution. It’s change.
Trans is here to stay – And so are we.