Unhurry by Mimi Jones

22nd May 2024

We’re pleased to present ‘Unhurry’, the final commissioned piece by Plymouth Young City Laureate Mimi Jones.


There’s nothing like the sun rising in the morning,
Warm glow leaking through the windows,
Bathing you in its warmth,
A hug from 149.6 million kilometres away.

Sipping tea or coffee from your favourite mug,
Slippers and pjs on – or off if you’re more that kind of person,
With a cat or dog or blanket across your lap,
As you watch the street from the comfiest perch in the house.

Inhale, exhale, sink further into yourself:
You might have work to do,
But it’s okay to work on yourself first.

Finish your drink as slowly as you’d like,
Eat something because you can,
Get changed, or don’t,
Feel clean however is best for you,
And work at whichever pace you need.

It’s okay to slow down,
It’s okay to take a break.
If we’re lucky,
We each have eighty years on this planet.

There is no race,
No finish line to get to,
So take it slow,
Allow others to pass you,
Because what they don’t see
Is how beautiful this world is,
How funny pigeons look as they walk,
How ivy climbs buildings,
How the clouds travel across the evening sky.

So sip your drink,
Chase the morning gold as it travels ‘round your room,
Make up stories about the passers-by,
And go when you’re ready,
Not a moment before,
Because that’s enough.

Thanks for reading. To find out more about Mimi’s time as a Laureate click here and you may wish to follow them on Twitter or Instagram.